~ Javier Robleda ~

“Seminario de Videopoesía” offered in Buenos Aires

Seminario de VideopoesíaJavier Robleda will be teaching a course on videopoetry from June 10 to July 1 at Universidad Nacional de las Artes in Buenos Aires. The course is called “Un lenguaje entre la palabra, el sonido y la imagen en movimiento”—”A language between word, sound and moving images”—and it’s open to the general public as well as to students and faculty. All the essential details may be found on the university’s website. There’s also a PDF document with the full program. The objective of the course:

Comprender el lenguaje videopoético, sus códigos y cómo interactúan entre sí: lenguaje verbal, lenguaje sonoro e imagen en movimiento, entendiendo por videopoema a aquellas obras audiovisuales en que el lenguaje verbal poético (palabra, escritura, letra, discurso, habla, signo, símbolo); es protagonista.

[To understand the language of videopoetry, its codes and how they interact with each other: verbal language and the language of sound and moving image. By videopoetry, we mean those audiovisual works in which a poetic, verbal language (word, writing, letter, discourse, speaking, sign, symbol) is the protagonist.]

Javier Robledo is of course the founder and director of the long-running VideoBardo festival, as well as an accomplished videopoet in his own right.