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Call for work: Living with Buildings IV

Living With Buildings is a quarterly festival of films that explore themes of people, poetry and place to understand how we live within the built environment of cities and urban spaces.

Submissions for the fourth edition are now open for films of up to 5 minutes, until the deadline on 6th November.


The event will take place in Coventry, UK on 23rd November 2022. Living With Buildings is presented by the Disappear Here poetry film project – and is rooted in Coventry, a city famed for its ringroad and modernist architecture, and its reinvention as a city rising from the ashes and ruins of arial bombing in World War Two.

The event is happy to consider work originating from all around the world.

Call for work: Living With Buildings festival

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From FilmFreeway:

A festival of films exploring how people interacts with buildings and urban spaces in the public realm. We aim to screen short films/poetry film that investigates how we experience the build environment.

[LIVING WITH BUILDINGS is brought to you by the Disappear Here poetry film project]

We’re looking for work up to 5 mins in length, anything between the poetry-film, experimental, short-documentary strands of film-making. The project is rooted in the UK city of Coventry, famed for its ringroad, modernist architecture and reinvention as a city rising from the ashes and ruins of arial bombing in World War Two – we are happy to consider work from citizens all around the world.

The psychopathology of underpass and overground.

Floating towers holding up the sky.

Living With Buildings.

Finding our way(s) through the subterranean culture and dead roads with no ending.
Exploring internal tensions between regeneration and gentrification.

Remaking and remodelling urban spaces as forces of commerce or gentle revolution take hold and fight for ownership.

Where does the citizen fit into these processes; and how do we interpret or express their experiences of the ground shifting beneath their feet.

Find out more about the Disappear Here project – http://www.disappear-here.org

LTB SHOWROOMS (above the Litten Tree pub) – COVENTRY – CV1 1EX – 1 Warwick Road

Please submit one film only – max five minutes in length – we will consider longer documentary work – but please enquire first.

Films must meet the subject theme – this is open to interpretation but expect film-makers to read the submission information for guidance.

The project selection decisions are final.

The deadline is 6 April. £5 to submit, or £4.50 if you’re a student. Here’s the link.