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How to exhibit videopoetry in a bookstore: Swoon’s “Gathering Light” exhibition

video screens scattered through a wall of books

Here’s a kind of poetry-film screening that ought to be more common than it is. I’d been following the Facebook event page with much interest (and not a little regret that I can’t be there), but since I don’t know Dutch, I’m grateful that Marc Neys A.K.A. Swoon has put up a short blog post, complete with pictures. I lifted a couple for this post, but do click through and look at the rest, because Marc et al. appear to have implemented this really well:

The cultural centre of my hometown (Mechelen) asked me if I was interested in a solo exhibition with my video’s.


I asked my favourite bookstore if we could set up the exhibition in their store. Putting up different screens in between and on top of books.


After a few days of setting everything up (a big thank you to the technical team of CC Mechelen), we opened ‘Gathering Light’ last week (on my birthday, talk about a present)

No more than 20 screens (of different size and age) spread out over this fine store. A selection of what I’ve been making over the last 5 years.

a woman watches a poetry video in a bookstore

If you’re thinking of making the trip, March 6 might be a good day to visit:

The exhibition runs until march 8 and we’ll end with a finissage dressed up as a showcase on videopoetry with live readings in ‘De Kapel van Contour’ on march 6 (more on that later)