~ Poesiefestival Berlin ~

25th Poesiefestival Berlin

Tickets now available for the 25th Poesiefestival festival in Berlin, Germany, from 4–21 July 2024. The programme is now online at their website

The film elements in 2024 includes a screening of The Book of Conrad followed by a Q&A with CAConrad, and a Best Of ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival. Over the whole event there are a total of three exhibitions, 12 events and more than 60 participating Berlin poets, musicians and artists.

Upcoming poetry-film and videopoetry events

June 27 in Berlin

Lyrikmarkt (Poesiefestival Berlin)

Darüber hinaus werden die besten historischen und internationalen Poesiefilme, unter anderem von Paul Bogaert, Kristian Pedersen, John Albert Jansen, Marie Silkeberg, Ghayath Almadhoun, Eleni Gioti, Hubert Sielecki, Man Ray, Paul Desnos und Gerhard Rühm zu sehen sein.

July 6-11 in London

Ross Sutherland’s “Standby For Tape Back-Up” at the Soho Theatre

After a hard-drive crash and a near death experience, Ross Sutherland found himself house-bound with only one thing for company: an old videotape that once belonged to his granddad.

Over the months that followed, Ross memorised every second of the tape. Slowly, he learnt how to manipulate the images into telling the story of his life. The videotape allowed Ross to open a dialogue with his late grandfather, and eventually helped him confront the illness that had nearly ended his life.

The true story of one man’s journey into synchronicity and madness.

July 11 in Penzance, UK

PoetryFilm Penzance
“A screening of poetry films curated and presented by Zata Banks” at the Penzance Literary Festival in Cornwall.

July 16 in Reykjavik

PoetryFilm Reykjavik
“A screening of poetry films and live performances curated and presented by Zata Banks” at Mengi.