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Resources page updated with links to free and affordable video-editing software

DaVinci Resolve download page screenshot

DaVinci Resolve: outstanding free video-editing for advanced users

Marie Craven sent along a list of video editing software that she’s checked out, and I’ve incorporated it into the Moving Poems page of web resources for videopoem makers. She recommends three video-editing programs available for a low price: Power Director, Magix Movie Edit Pro, and Adobe Premiere Elements, commenting that she had used a much earlier version of Power Director and loved it.

I still use Magix Movie Edit Pro myself, and find it adequate for most things except text animation. I previously used Premiere Elements and found it rather awkward and buggy, but part of that might’ve been the older computer I was using at the time. Now that I have a PC with an 8th-generation Core i5, everything is a lot whizzier. As Marie said in a covering note, always make sure to check tech specs before buying anything to ensure software will run on your computer.

Here’s the list of free video-editing software that Marie recommends:

I’ve also taken the opportunity to clean out dead links on the resources page, which I hadn’t done in two years. If anyone else has recommendations for things we should include, do let me know. Here’s the link again.

Dave, this is a very user-friendly platform for discussion. Good find.

I have a question. I really like Ren’s animated collages, and I like to make collages. Does anyone have any ideas about what software I need to learn to make parts of my collage move? I’m thinking of collaborating with my teenage son, who studies drawing and painting.