~ The Tuesday Group ~

The Lovers by Dorianne Laux

A wonderful interpretation of the Laux poem that takes one, crucial liberty with the text, turning it from a third-person into a first-person poem in the woman’s voice. Here’s the director’s description on Vimeo:

The Lovers is performance piece based on the poem by Dorianne Laux. It examines the ecstasy, complexity and contradiction of female sexual experience.

This performance was developed as a collaboration between The Kelman Group (UK) and The Tuesday Group (Portland, OR, USA) in July and August 2009.

Performers : Juli Gun, Anet Ris-Kelman and Taru Sinclair
Director : Bob Lockwood

This edit is an amalgam of takes of two rehearsal runs of the piece at Hipbone Studio on E.Burnside, Portland.