Reticent Sonnet by Anne Carson

Poem by Anne Carson, the fourth of six excerpts on YouTube from her lecture on pronouns in the form of 15 sonnets called Possessive Used as Drink (Me). See “Recipe” for more information on the series and the production.


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    Brenda 27 July, 2009

    This video is not playing for me. The arrow goes white, that’s all. Let me see if I can find it on YouTube. (Not sure if this is an issue with the new Firefox, or a YouTube issue.)

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      Dave Bonta 27 July, 2009

      It plays for me. I’m using FF 3.5, too. Do other videos on the site play correctly?

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    Brenda 27 July, 2009

    *Now* it’s playing. Beats me (I was having problems on another site this morning & ended up opening it in Safari, so I suspect some kink with Apple computers in the new FF). I found and watched ‘Reticent Sonnet’ on YouTube and loved the combination of the contact improv type of dance and Carson’s as ever tongue-in-cheek very smart poetry… watched a few of the pronoun series & will sub to Playgallery and so I thank you.

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