Who Says Words with My Mouth by Jalal ad-Din Rumi

Coleman Barks reads his version of the Rumi poem. I found the combination with old streetcar footage strangely effective. (The music is a little irritating, though.) As usual with the YouTube video poems from Four Seasons Productions, no credits are given for filmmaker(s). Another of their videos features a much less interesting, New Agey interpretation of a Barks/Rumi poem, “Only Breath.”


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    carolee 10 July, 2009

    i like the footage, as well, with the poem — how it just keeps plodding along and doesn’t (can’t) diverge from its path. and i agree — the music is distracting. i was wondering what kind of music i’d replace it with and i think i’d like to hear just his voice and for there to be silence when he wasn’t speaking.

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      Dave Bonta 10 July, 2009

      Yeah, that’d probably work. Or else some Philip Glass, or something similarly minimalistic.

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