Yoing by Mikki LeMoine


A 30-second, 35-mm film by Jan McLaughlin based on a poem by Mikki LeMoine. More information at the Blip.tv page.


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    Dave Bonta 26 August, 2009

    The genius of this video poem, I think, is that it never shows the actor’s genitalia. Also the choice of monotone for the recitation was inspired.

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    Jan McLaughlin 28 August, 2009

    Thanks for re-vlogging so much of the motion picture poems, Dave. Your above ‘response’ made my day :)

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      Dave Bonta 28 August, 2009

      Hey, thanks for putting them online in the first place! I love your work. As for the preceding comment, I actually copied it over from Facebook, where it was in response to a friend’s enthusiastic reaction to the video (I have Moving Poems posts set to automatically publish in my feed via the Networked Blogs app).

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