Forgetfulness by Billy Collins

This seemed an appropriate video with which to resume my now-and-then posting of the Billy Collins poetry animations, which are justly famous among fans of contemporary vidpo. How had I forgotten about them? (Hat tip to Carolee Sherwood for jogging my memory.)

See a larger, Quicktime version at Billy Collins Action Poetry.


  1. Reply
    Jessie Carty 9 September, 2009

    These were also the first video poems I found as well :)

  2. Reply
    carolee 9 September, 2009

    glad you were able to use it! glad i was helpful in unleashing some (more) billy collins over here. :)

  3. Reply
    Dave Bonta 9 September, 2009

    It amuses me that the poet so many love to decry for the seeming ubiquity of his twee verse has also carved out a commanding niche in the video poetry medium. Even Silliman couldn’t write about video poetry last spring without referencing Collins, albeit dismissively.

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