The Jump by Susan Balboni

If the author is the same Susan Balboni who is an established voice-over actor for American television (and also a writer), it’s kind of surprising that the reading is by someone else. A fine videopoem nevertheless. Alan Marino says,

A piece I put together for the Imaginings series produced and directed by Intelligent Life Productions’ Ron Qurashi. Ron presented me with a poem written by Susan Balboni which he wanted me to marry somehow to this Phantom camera 1000 fps footage of a horse clearing a jump. Got the idea of isolating the horse and placing it in a timelapse cloudscape with poetry reading and music by my friend, Kevin Sullivan. Compositing was painstakingly executed by SFX artist Austin Wallender.


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    howie good 23 February, 2010

    accessible and succinct

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      Dave Bonta 23 February, 2010

      Yes, and I think that’s a style that would work for some of your poems, too — the single long, arresting shot (though not necessarily in slow motion).

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