Dún Chaoin by David McLoghlin

[Update: embedding disabled — watch on Vimeo]

A wonderful evocation of an artist and a place, with original music and a poem for the narration. I strongly recommend expanding it to full-screen. The director, Lanka Haouche Perren, describes it as follows:

7 minutes non-narrative documentary exploring the work & methods of the renowned Irish artist Maria Simonds-Gooding who has been based in Dún Chaoin, Co. Kerry, Ireland, for the last 40 years. It features a poem by award winning poet & writer David McLoghlin, narrated by Dominic West.

More examples of McLoghlin’s work may be found at his website. And be sure to check out Maria Simonds-Gooding’s website as well.


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    Jan McLaughlin 4 March, 2010

    Breathtaking. Full-screen even moreso. Thank you for sharing.

    • Reply
      Dave Bonta 4 March, 2010

      Glad you liked. Do you suppose David McLoghlin could be a distant relative?

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