Found videopoem?

A reporter tries to get out a simple report in what I presume is Urdu. The result struck me as an inadvertent videopoem. (Many thanks to Arvind for locating this for me on YouTube, based on a version that had been uploaded to Facebook.)


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    Viral Verse 18 June, 2010

    Wonderful Dave! Lately I’ve become very interested in ‘found poetry’, as I question what constitutes poetry. I put up a video on Viral Verse today called ‘I Hate Tennessee’ which is really just a football fan dissing the opposing team, but somehow this video (which I first saw months ago) resonates and sticks with me more than some classic verse.

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      Dave 18 June, 2010

      Love it! I’ve met lots of people like the gentleman in your video who have a real way with words. Maybe I should start filming them in action.

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