Stealing by Carol Ann Duffy

Update: this video is no longer online.

Directed by Gerard Docherty. Aside from the sloppy spelling, this is a fine video and seemed worth sharing. Duffy is, of course, the current Poet Laureate of Great Britain. I assume this video was made without her permission, and thus represents a kind of stealing itself — and/or an homage and act of generosity, depending on your view of intellectual property rights.

I’m going back to posting five videos a week here, at least until I can shrink the current queue of draft posts. So much good stuff coming out these days!


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    Rachel Fox 25 July, 2010

    Music works really well in this one. Don’t recognise it though and it’s not credited at the end (unless I missed it).

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      Dave Bonta 25 July, 2010

      No, there’s no credit — probably because they stole it.

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    Charlie Madison 21 December, 2010

    This wasn’t bad for a cheap student film, judging from “Largs Academy” in the credits i assume that this was a school project or assignment, so it’s not like they made a profit from stealing the music.

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    Dave Bonta 21 December, 2010


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    Anon 30 March, 2011

    Dave, shut up.

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