America by Walt Whitman

Alexander Pulido calls this film American Disillusion:

The now-famous (thank you Levi’s) wax cylinder recording of Walt Whitman reading the first verse of his famous poem ‘America’, juxtaposed against imagery of America in reality.

Philip Binder is credited with the cinematography. (For the Levi’s ad using the same wax recording, see here.)


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    Lorianne 20 October, 2010

    How strange to see so many scenes filmed in Boston, given that Walt Whitman is pretty much synonymous with New York. It’s always good to hear the master’s voice, though, regardless of the images that accompany it.

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    Dave Bonta 20 October, 2010

    Good point. I believe the creators of the video reside in Boston, and I’m guessing that they’re filming on a shoestring. But it would be awesome if they redid this someday with scenes from “Mannahatta.”

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