Window Interplay by Francisco José Blanco

I don’t entirely understand Josephine Gustavsson’s explanation for the method here, but it sounds highly imaginative:

Every day, trains scrape off iron filings from the rails of the tube network. These filings are regularly removed by staff, since they can otherwise interfere with the signaling system. The procedure is carried out using a machine that contains a magnetic force.

The visualisation of the poem ‘Window Interplay’ is made for the moving image screens of the London Underground, to inspire Monday morning commuters. It is made through a series of explorations, making use of iron powder and magnetic fields.

Francisco José Blanco
is a Venezuelan artist resident in Sweden.

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    Conrad DiDiodato 22 October, 2010

    I’d like to thank Tom Konyves for recently inviting me to consider videopoetry at this site & others, which I’ve recently done in my “Word-Dreamer: poetics” blog.

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