What’s up with the Moving Poems newsletter?

If you’ve signed up for the weekly email list advertised in the sidebar, you may be wondering why you haven’t gotten anything the last two weeks. I was too. All I can determine is that the blended RSS feed created by Mail Chimp from the two Moving Poems feeds (forum and main site) stopped working. So I’ve created a new blended feed with Yahoo Pipes and substituted that. We’ll see if it works. If not, I’ll switch to the tried-and-true RSS-to-email service Feedblitz; I was simply trying to avoid the ads it serves. Thanks to everyone who’s signed up, by the way.

In the process of editing the newsletter at Mail Chimp, I switched the delivery time from Monday to early Saturday morning. It sometimes happens that a video gets taken down or turned private after I share it here, presumably because the uploader never meant to share it with the world in the first place, and is alarmed to discover my post. Thus for example the Neruda video I shared last week is history. The point is that it makes sense to email links to the week’s content early in the weekend to maximize the chances that all the videos are still in fact online.

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