The Forty Elephants (with poetry by Gérard Rudolf)

A new film by Alastair Cook “developed around a narrative commissioned by Alastair, written and read by Gérard Rudolf,” with cinematography by James Norton.

The project takes its lead from the Victorian street gang, of women and their children, who plagued the Elephant and Castle; it draws in the current landscape and it’s deteriorating edge, a farewell to the Heygate and Aylesbury estates; this is a dark trawl through threat and desire, driven by Gérard’s incredible words.

The Forty Elephants premiered on 8th April at Alastair’s fine art photography show at The Howden.


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    Nic S. 15 April, 2011

    “a dark trawl through threat and desire” – indeed. Thanks for this. N

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    Swoon 16 April, 2011

    As I said before on FB…
    Stunning, absolutely stunning!

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