Foreign Lands by Robert Louis Stevenson

Update: this video is no longer online.

This seemed like a fitting follow-up to yesterday’s Ruben Dario videopoem. Ilsa Misamore made the animation, with cut-paper sculptures by Helen Musselwhite.


  1. Reply
    marly youmans 7 July, 2011

    I like this Misamore-Musselwhite collaboration!

  2. Reply
    Hannah Stephenson 7 July, 2011

    So wonderful. I love the ocean/ship section best.

  3. Reply
    zephyr 7 July, 2011

    always love Helen’s creations…which seem to have a life of their own even without additional animation

  4. Reply
    Beth 7 July, 2011

    Wonderful! I love the flowers and the waves! And hate to think how much work actually went into those 48 seconds.

  5. Reply
    Robbi Nester 7 July, 2011

    It’s a little hard to hear, but those waves! I just love the animation.

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