Once by Cecelia Chapman


Cecelia Chapman shows how to turn a folktale into a compelling videopoem. (Is that a sickle in the moon-dancer’s hand? Nice touch!) The credits only appear on the screen for a nanosecond, but according to the notes on YouTube, include: “Grat Bodkin music. Christa Hunter. Tara Naqishbendi. Kara Chan. Fancy the dog. Jeff Crouch image.” Chapman also mentions that this was originally featured in The Houston Literary Review, and is part of her video series “Signs, Wishes & Wonders.”


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    Tomas O Carthaigh 8 June, 2011

    Im an Irish videopoet who publishes on YouTube. Let me kow if youd like to feature any of mine.

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    cecelia chapman 11 November, 2011

    Thank you for posting this here very much… (actually the sickle is a crescent moon, and I just made up this story, it’s not a folktale…) I appreciate it! cece

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