Consumed by Cynthia Cox

Cynthia Cox used some public-domain footage from the Prelinger Archives, as she notes in a blog post:

The primary video appears to have been test shots for a dollar store commercial — I did not copy and repeat those zoom-out shots of the fishing lures, they were actually all filmed and strung together one after another in the original film, as were the numerous shots of the woman looking at — and this part made me fantastically happy — the exact same dress over & over. The party shots were worked in mostly to utilize the transitions provided by the movie clapboards, quite honestly; the incredibly phallic balloon-blowing contest was a bonus. But maybe that’s sharing too much.

Click through to read the rest of her notes, as well as the text of the poem.

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    mareymercy 26 September, 2011

    Thanks, Dave!

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