In Extremis by Marly Youmans

Marly Youmans reads another poem from The Throne of Psyche, out earlier this year from Mercer University Press. Film and music once again are by Paul Digby. In her description at YouTube, Marly writes:

This poem is about a visionary experience that flooded in during a harrowing passage in my life. The timing was a bit difficult; I had given birth to a third child and then immediately moved to South Carolina. Not long after we arrived, our eldest, a little boy of 8, was struck with meningitis. The short blank verse poem begins at a point where he had been immobile for a week: still and unresponsive, and was about to be moved from St. Francis Children’s Hospital to a larger hospital with an Infectious Diseases specialist.


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    Albert B. Casuga 5 September, 2011

    Marly’s tone said it all—the angst and the resolve that her boy will be healed. Moving.

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    Laura Frankstone 6 September, 2011

    Beautiful and so moving.

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    marly youmans 17 September, 2011

    Thanks to Dave Bonta for dreaming up this grand site, and thanks to Paul Digby for making a number of videos of poems from my new book, “The Throne of Psyche” (Mercer University Press.)

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