outside my black hole by Steven McCabe

This film offers more proof that Steven McCabe is one of the most accomplished videopoets out there. Here’s the description on Youtube:

outside my black hole (2011) is a visual poetry film juxtaposing urban traffic, ink drawings, and dance.

Screened at Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts (Toronto) in Oct./Nov. 2011 as the installation component of Steven McCabe’s exhibition A Cathartic Document showing 66 new ink drawings created during 2010-2011.

Video editing & technical support @ A Cathartic Document by Konrad Skręta

outside my black hole
A film by Steven McCabe

Steven McCabe

Paula Skimin

Music composed and performed by
William Beauvais & Barry Prophet

Director of Photography
Eric Gerard

Konrad Skręta

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    mike mccabe 4 November, 2011

    this videopoem stretches one’s imagination beyond reality…a superb combination of talent and work

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