Call for submissions of videopoetry: Poetry International

Poetry International, a mainly print journal published annually at San Diego State University in California, is soliciting for submissions of “cinépoetry.”

We are looking for artistic, experimental, and challenging film/video interpretations of poetry that explore the intersection of poetic and cinematic expression. Selected work will be published online in the cinépoetry section of Poetry International.

Entries must be submitted on DVD (NTSC or HD only) or CD (.mov format only). Please note: videos in any format not mentioned above will not be accepted.

Running time for entries should not exceed 15 minutes. All entries must be in English.

All work submitted must be original. If portions of the submitted work contain material from third parties, author must have and be able to provide written permission to use such material.

Read the complete guidelines.


  1. Reply
    Colin Sturdevant 21 February, 2012

    This may be an odd question, but may I submit Alternative Neo Benshi? Film with poetry/ prose poetry?

    • Reply
      Dave Bonta 21 February, 2012

      I have no idea. You’d have to contact the magazine.

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