Words (poems by Polish immigrants in the UK)

A beautiful film written and directed by Maciej Piatek with photography by Karol Wyszynski. The poems are “Kupiliśmy cegiełki” and “Translator” by Honorata Chorąży-Przybysz, “Wulgarni” by Jacek Raputa and “I’m telling you, Mate…” by Paweł Lysak, all of which may be found (in Polish) on the webpage “Poezja polskich emigrantów” at the Kobieta na Wyspach (Woman on Island) internet portal for Poles living in the U.K.

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    mikey 8 March, 2012

    Wonderful film, words, readings, and soundtrack, and a beautiful reminder that among us here in the UK are poets writing in their own language about what life is like for them here, and what about it has them picking up their pens, needing to write, needing to record.

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