Nuchter zijn we langdradig / Dreary when Sober by Delphine Lecompte

Delphine Lecompte is a British expat writer living in Belgium a Belgian poet with a fondness for inventive bios (see comments). She’s responsible for both the translation and the reading here. Concept, camera, editing and sound are all the work of Swoon, who blogged:

De video werd een oefening in ‘langdradigheid’ versus ‘spanning’…een video waarin zo weinig mogelijk gebeurt tegen een klankband waarin kinderen akelig vrolijk zijn…of zoiets…

Which Google Translate renders as:

The video was an exercise in ‘wordiness’ versus ‘power’ … a video in which as little as possible is done to a soundtrack [in] which children [are] eerily cheerful … or something …


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    swoon 15 June, 2012

    Thanks for posting this, this quick. I do believe Delphine is just Belgian (but I could be mistaken), she did write an English book first, before starting to write poetry (has 3 poetry books out)
    I also did her ‘Ademloos’ (with the bear footage from Troy Scott) tthat she’d currently translating too…
    Best M.

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    Dave 15 June, 2012

    @ swoon
    Really? I got that from googling. She doesn’t appear to have a website, but there are several bios accompanying her work in literary journals that say she’s from London.

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    Delphine Lecompte 16 June, 2012

    Dear Dave,
    I’m sorry about the confusion (well, sort of sorry), most of those bios that I so gleefully spread around (past and present) are fictitious.
    I’m afraid I’m Belgian, I’m afraid I can’t help it..

  4. Reply
    Dave 16 June, 2012

    @Delphine Lecompte
    Ah, O.K. Thanks for stopping by and clarifying that. I’ll correct the post.

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