To Mend Small Children by B.C. Edwards

This charming videopoem using (I presume) archival footage is a video trailer for a chapbook by B.C. Edwards, To Mend Small Children, from a new publisher called Augury Books.


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    carter edwards 31 July, 2012

    The video was actually made by the author, but distributed on the editor’s youtube channel.
    glad you like it. Thanks for the kind words!

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    Kate 31 July, 2012

    The publisher is Augury Books, rather than Augury Press. Very happy you liked this; thanks so much for posting it.

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    Dave 31 July, 2012

    Hey, thanks for the corrections! I’ve amended the post accordingly. Always happy to add to the “author-made videopoems” category, which I think contains some of the most interesting videos on the site.

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