Bring Me My Sky-Canoe by Al Rempel

Al Rempel’s description on YouTube is so thorough, I’m just going to reproduce it in its entirety, minus the text of the poem (click through to read).

The Sky Canoe is a collaboration between four artists: Phil Morrison, Al Rempel, Steph St Laurent, and Jeremy Stewart. Phil is a sculptor who works mainly in concrete & metal, and often incorporates text into his work. Al is a poet and teacher; his first book is understories. The poem in this piece is from This Isn’t the Apocalypse We Hoped For, which is forthcoming with Caitlin Press in spring, 2013. Please visit for more info. Steph is a filmmaker as well as an actor. His site is Jeremy is a musician and a poet; his first book of poetry is called (flood basement and he can be found at

The Sky Canoe has been accepted into the Visible Verse festival, 2012! Details can be found here:

The festival’s coming up on October 13 — that’s this coming Saturday! So if you live anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, be sure not to miss it.

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