Like This by Jalal ad-Din Rumi

David Martineau Lachance is the animator, director, and reader of the text, which is of course a translation from Coleman Barks. See the description on Vimeo for a complete list of Lachance’s collaborators on the film.

Erica Goss included this film in a selection of “10 Outstanding Poetry Films from the Zebra Poetry Film Festival 2012” this month in her “Third Form” column at Connotation Press. Be sure to go watch her other selections (some of which I haven’t shared here, due to a lack of English translation or for other reasons), and of course to read the second half of her review of the poetry festival.


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    Erica Goss 3 December, 2012

    Thanks, Dave, for posting this video. The handmade, not-very-slick look of the animation blends beautifully with the translation of Rumi. Good narration too, which adds up to a video poem that works.

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    David Martineau Lachance 7 October, 2014

    I’m more than flattered that you liked my film!

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