I Love the Internet by Kevin Barrington

Irish poet Kevin Barrington performing the title poem from his new e-book. This was featured on the Maddow Blog, which also included the text.


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    Kevin Barrington 28 May, 2013

    Sorry guys. This was actually shot by Irish crew Steve Courtney and Lorcan Finnegan

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      Dave 28 May, 2013

      Ah, thanks, Kevin. I’ll edit the post to credit them as the filmmakers then.

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    Kevin Barrington 10 June, 2013

    Dave, thanks appreciate that. Kevin

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    Kevin Barrington 21 July, 2013

    Here’s a link to the sample edition of the book. Click the PW logo and you can buy the full collection for a mere five Euro. Hope you enjoy it, http://itsapoeticalworld.com/publication/samples/ilti/

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