How to replace a video at Vimeo without changing the link

In the past two days, two different filmmakers have contacted me to let me know that they’ve changed the Vimeo links for their films in the Moving Poems archive. On the one hand, I’m grateful to them for letting me know. I do sometimes comb the archives here for dead links, but not nearly often enough, and I appreciate hearing from users of the site when a video has disappeared. On the other hand, they wouldn’t have needed to switch URLs just to replace the video with a new version; they could’ve simply swapped in a new file. This is actually one of Vimeo’s most under-appreciated killer features, in my opinion. (And the fact that you can’t do this at YouTube is a good reason not to use it.) From the FAQs:

Can I replace a video and keep the URL, Stats, comments, etc?

You sure can!

From your video page, click Settings below the video player. From there, head to the Video File tab and click “Replace this video.” This allows you to upload a new video file while keeping the video URL, comments, Stats, likes, tags, and all the other information associated with the video.

During the replacement process, the original video will remain viewable while the new one is uploaded. Once the replacement video finishes uploading and begins conversion, the original video will no longer be viewable, and will soon be replaced.

So there will be just a short time during which the video isn’t viewable (a few minutes if you have a Plus or Pro account, longer if you have a free account and are uploading during a busy time of the day).


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    Dave Bonta 16 September, 2013

    Of course, people still might want to to upload to a new location in order to preserve the older version, whether solely for their own reference (as a private post) or for the sake of viewers who might want to compare the two versions. I know Swoon has done this on occasion.

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    Leslie Villarreal 7 September, 2015

    can i replace imy vid with another one i’ve uploaded to vimeo (so both are on vimeo) instead of uploading it from my computer?

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    barrysnaith 22 September, 2015

    Thanks Dave – that was useful. Much appreciated. I shall follow you for that!

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    Angus 22 July, 2016

    Thanks, useful

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    Laurie 2 September, 2016


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