Poetry films sought for ReVersed Festival in Amsterdam and VideoBardo in Buenos Aires

ReVersed Poetry Film Festival, scheduled for April 4-6 in Amsterdam, is the newest videopoetry festival on the international scene. They’re operating on a somewhat accelerated schedule, so interested filmmakers should not delay in submitting work — the deadline is March 24. Let me paste in some of the text from their call for entries.

Re-Versed Poetry Film Festival is launching its first edition, inviting artists, poets and filmmakers to explore the intersection between poetry and film. With its scope encompassing screenings, performances and talks, Re-versed is the first festival in the Netherlands to focus on the poetry film genre. Co-hosted by Perdu, Kriterion and OT301, it seeks both to illuminate the growing field of poetry film as well as to broaden it by providing an opportunity for filmmakers to participate in an open call for submissions.

What is a Poetry Film?
A filmic equivalent of poetry, poetry film is distinct from a poetic film in its aesthetic: it incorporates text, whether written or spoken, within its frames – a poem taking shape on screen. We invite you to explore the emerging field of poetry filmmaking: although most notably outlined by Tom Konyves’ manifesto and Alastair Cook’s Filmpoem project, it remains an open-ended area, an opportunity for experimentation. The works carried out in most innovative and creative ways will be screened and awarded at the festival. A jury will select the prize-winning films.

Entry guidelines:

• All entries must be submitted by March 24, 2014.

• All entries must conform to the poetry film aesthetic: text, spoken, written or animated must be incorporated.

• Entries longer than 12 minutes will not be accepted.

• Entries may be submitted by Dutch and international artists. Please provide English subtitles for your film if English is not the language of the film.

It’s exciting to see new poetry film festivals like this continuing to spring up all over the world. Please support them by sending in work, and of course attending if you can. Click through to download a submission form. (Another version of the call for entries, on the Perdu site, includes guidelines in Dutch.)

One of the longest-running poetry film festivals in the world, VideoBardo, also recently released a call for entries for their 2014 edition.

VideoBardo, founded on 1996, calls artists to participate in the V International Videopoetry Festival, which is composed by Preliminary Events along 2014 in different cities and places, and by a Central Week in November in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We understand Videopoetry as all audiovisual work where verbal language (word, letter, speech, speaking, writing, sign) is protagonist or has a special transformer treatment. Therefore these three fields: Image in movement, Sound and Verbal language, dialog with each other in order to create a fourth reality which is the Videopoetic Work. So in videopoetry the verbal language is experienced in visual, sound, corporal and physical dimensions.

The deadline is August 15. Click through to download the bilingual guidelines and entry form.

Don’t forget that the main Moving Poems links page includes, as its last category, a nearly complete list of international poetry film festivals. For recent festival news and call-outs, browse the “festivals and other screening events” topic here at the forum.

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