Sideshow by Lauren Wheeler

This is Crevice, a terrific videopoem I happened across on Vimeo a few weeks ago. It’s the work of Tiffany Irene, who according to her Vimeo user bio is a film student at Temple University in Philadelphia. Summer Patterson is the actor.

Lauren Wheeler has an interesting background: a video game developer who describes herself as a “recovering slam poet.” For the text of the poem, see The Nervous Breakdown.


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    […] But it seems a young filmmaker at Temple University named Tiffany Irene went there–and went there well! I had no idea until I noticed a tweet from Moving Poems: […]

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    Erica Goss, Poet 24 March, 2014

    Fantastic work. I love how the poem fits with the grainy black & white images. Hope we see more from this talented young filmmaker.

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