I Shake Out My Coat by Michael Symmons Roberts

This is Filmpoem 39, by the core team at Filmpoem: directed by Alastair Cook with cinematography by James William Norton and sound composed by Luca Nasciuti. The text, by Michael Symmons Roberts, was one of four new poems by British poets on the theme of migration commissioned for Filmpoem Festival 2014.

The video is also presented on the Filmpoem website, an increasingly useful site for people interested in poetry films generally. (If you’re in London this weekend, don’t miss the Filmpoem events at the Southbank Centre.)

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    Freddy Headey 1 August, 2014

    I’d love to hear/see this. Sure vimeo is excellent quality but in my neck of the woods and with an old desktop it doesn’t stream well.
    I don’t love youtube much but it does have the option to choose a lower quality/speed. Be good if it was on there too. Couldn’t find it today :(

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