Rolling Frames by Ella Jane Chappell

This well-filmed dance interpretation of a poem by Ella Jane Chappell is one of ten shortlisted films for the Southbank Centre’s inaugural Shot Through the Heart Poetry Film competition. Katie Garrett of Garrett and Garrett Videography directs, with choreography by Anna-Lise Marie Hearn. The dance company, AniCo., has a webpage about the film. The text is worth quoting at length for the insight it gives into dance-focused poetry videos, an important subset of poetry video generally:

Rolling Frames is an intimate and personal look into the scenarios of three very different relationships that are affected and manipulated by dependency.

At the heart of Rolling Frames are a series of shifting voices and characters that inhabit three very different relationships. These relationships are linked by the role that dependency plays in each. To some extent, every relationship involves a yielding of independence. The poem dissects this manner of yielding: the manifestation of greed in desire, the vulnerability in love, the loneliness in lust.

The physicality and inner rhythms of the words are translated once over by the expressive movements of dance, and once again through the gaze of the camera’s eyes.


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    robertpeake123 20 July, 2014

    This one took the prize at “Shot Through the Heart” on July 18 2014 at the awards ceremony, and you can see why. The filmmakers were so young! They clearly have a long career ahead of them.

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      Dave 20 July, 2014

      Oh, great! I’ve been waiting for news of the winners. I was just on the point of asking you about it last night when they started the Filmpoem screening.

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