Hospice by Jessie Carty


Although it may seem to some regular visitors that I post videos from The Poetry Storehouse too often, in reality, I don’t post them nearly often enough, given the glut of good videos landing there these days, and I’m getting rather far behind as a result. Case in point: Nic S. uploaded this remix of a poem by Jessie Carty a full month ago. This is a beautiful remix, I thought, and it seems especially appropriate for Carty to join the ranks of the envideoed at the Poetry Storehouse given her history as editor of the groundbreaking YouTube-based literary magazine Shape of a Box.


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    jessiecarty 4 September, 2014

    I really miss working on “Shape of a Box.” I wish I could have found more partners to keep it running :)

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      Dave 5 September, 2014

      I hear you. I know what it’s like to have to let an online literary magazine end.

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    Recent News | Jessie Carty 6 September, 2014

    […] In additional news my poem “Hospice” that was reinterpreted by Nic S. for her lovely Poetry Storehouse has been featured in Moving Poems.  […]

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