Of poetry-video links new and old

Vimeo's dead video notice

The haunted forest: Vimeo’s dead video notice

One of the most often neglected tasks in maintaining a website like Moving Poems is keeping the links up-to-date. Link-rot is a constant threat to the usability of resources such as our general links page or our list of web resources for videopoem makers, not to mention the post archives themselves. With the latter, my traditional approach has been to unpublish posts whenever I discover that the embedded video has disappeared from YouTube or Vimeo and I can’t find another copy to swap in. But recently I’ve had a change of heart and decided that from now on I’m going to let such posts stay up, since they do still have documentary value.

Keeping a links page fresh obviously requires regularly adding new links as well, not to mention reassessing links to older sites as they change focus or become less valuable for whatever reason. So there are several new links on the main page to explore, and a couple of things that got bumped.

But the biggest change is a new page for poetry film festivals — the list was just getting too big and unruly for inclusion on the main links page. I’ve split it into two sections, “New and ongoing festivals” and “Inactive and historical festivals.” The latter list doesn’t include every poetry film festival ever, just those that were held at least twice. Again, I think there’s documentary value in preserving such a list. I’ve included a link to George Aguilar’s fascinating account of his involvement with the Poetry Film Festival/Cin(E)-Poetry Festival in San Francisco, which deserves special mention as the world’s first annual poetry film festival, running from 1975 to 1998. The continued popularity of Aguilar’s coinage cin(e)poetry or cinepoetry attests to its influence, especially on college campuses where compilations from the festival were often screened.

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