Athens International Film Poetry Festival set for Nov. 28; tickets on sale for PoetryFilm Solstice


We have updates on two poetry film festivals this week. The International Film Poetry Festival in Athens, which had previously been advertised as coming some time in December, is in fact going to take place next Friday, November 28, according to its website:

The yearly International Film Poetry Festival will be held for third time in Greece on Friday 28/11/2014 2014 in Athens. Approximately 1000 people attended the festival last year.

There will be two different zones of the festival. The first zone will include video poems, visual poems, short film poems and cinematic poetry by artists from all over the world (America, Asia, Europe, Africa). The second zone will include cross-platform collaborations of sound producers and music groups with poets and visual artists in live improvisations.

The International Film Poetry Festival 2014 attempts to create an open public space for the creative expression of all tendencies and streams of contemporary visual poetry.

It is very important to notice that this festival is a part of the counter-culture activities of Void Network and + the Institute [for Experimental Arts] and will be non-sponsored, free entrance, non commercial and non profit event. The festival will cover the costs (2000 posters, 15.000 flyers, high quality technical equipment e.t.c.) from the incomes of the bar of the festival.


For those of you who prefer a bit of advanced planning in your lives, tickets are on sale for PoetryFilm’s last event of 2014 at the ICA Cinema in London:

PoetryFilm Solstice

21 Dec 2014
3:00 pm | Cinema 1 | £7.00 to £11.00

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“Founded by artist Zata Kitowski over a decade ago, the PoetryFilm art project continues to play with the avant-garde” – aqnb, 2014

PoetryFilm celebrates experimental poetryfilms, art films, text films, sound films, silent films, poet-filmmaker collaborations, auteur films, films based on poems, poems based on films, and other avant-garde text/image/sound screening and performance material.

The PoetryFilm project has resulted in over 60 events at cinemas, galleries, literary festivals and academic institutions featuring films, poetry readings, live performances and talks. PoetryFilm Solstice will feature a programme of short poetryfilms and live performances curated by Zata Kitowski – the full programme will be posted here shortly.

PoetryFilm is supported by Arts Council England.

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