To / For by Luisa A. Igloria

A text-on-screen-style videopoem by Swoon (Marc Neys) with a text from Night Willow, a 2014 collection of prose poems by Luisa A. Igloria. Back in September, Marc blogged some process notes about the video, calling it “The latest experiment in my series of videos where I re-think the relationship of image, sound, and text”.

Combining lines from the poem with the suitable footage, trying out different fonts and sizes for the text on screen, placement of words… It’s a puzzling way of editing.
I’m not only editing film anymore, I’m carefully trying to blend sound, image and text in one cut. It feels more like composing. It makes me rethink the way I worked (and still work) with audible videopoems.

These ‘film Compositions’ are meant to be played full screen and loud!

Marc talked about this style of editing in a brief interview I filmed for Moving Poems, Swoon on finding a new angle in videopoetry composition.


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    Nils Geylen (@nilsgeylen) 16 January, 2015

    Not a fan of: cuts where text stays in the frame (looks like it appears twice) or: text appearing not in chronological order.
    Fan of: sound outside the frame replaced with the corresponding imagery after the cut (e.g. the fireworks).

    Text appearing dynamically, as speech would, isn’t new in video, but I hadn’t seen in it in a video poem before — not that I’ve seen that many obviously. Interesting experiment.

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