Carbon Culture offers $1000 poetry film prize

Carbon Culture is a print and online journal at “the intersection of technology + literature + art.” This week they announced a unique poetry film contest:

Poetry Film Prize

We want to integrate film and literary culture. Carbon Culture will award a $1,000.00 prize for the best poetry film using the complete text of John Gosslee’s poem “Portrait of an Inner Life.” The winning entry will receive $1,000.00. The top five entries will receive high-profile placements across a number of networks, note in a one page ad alongside honorable mentions in our newsstand print and device editions. All entries are considered for sponsored entry to our list of film festivals and poetry film festivals. Deadline for submissions is January 1, 2016.

Rules for Submission

1. Create a video adaption of John Gosslee’s poem “Portrait of an Inner Life” using the full text of the poem and the author’s name
2. Post the video to a Youtube or Vimeo account and make it live
3. Submit the piece as an Mp4 alongside your bio or team member’s bios to us.

Prize Announcements will be made in April 2016

Film Types

All visual and textual interpretations of the poem are welcome. Animation (digital or cartoon,) live action, kinetic poems, stop motion, anything you can imagine. We are looking for literal or non-literal interpretations of the poem. How long should it be? That is up to you. Poetry is meant to be heard and we encourage audio.


The prize is open to students, individuals and teams.

Click through for the text of the poem (which is very brief) and the link to submit. Fjords Review (which Gosslee edits) included the poem in a video interview, filmed by Roberta Hall at City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco:

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