No Table Anymore Wankers by Ross Sutherland

Another of Ross Sutherland‘s quick-and-dirty videopoems for his “30 Videos/30 Poems” digital residency at The Poetry School. I love his process here. This is videopoeming at its purest:

A piece of graffiti I found on the side of the law courts in Newcastle (just around the corner from my hotel). I have no idea why anyone would write this (which automatically makes me want to write it myself). I quickly wrote down some notes in my jotter & tried to extend the moment a little bit longer.

I recorded image first, then sound after, then put the two back together.

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    Chris Jones 22 July, 2015

    Brilliant! I’ve wondered about this graffiti for years too… I reckon someone booked a table at the Eye Of The Tyne gastropub opposite, then came in only to be told “there’s no table anymore”. The resulting graffiti was scrawled in a fit of rage.

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