Jutta Pryor and Marie Craven featured at Connotation Press

Interviews with Australian poetry-film makers Jutta Pryor and Marie Craven are the focus of Erica Goss’ column “The Third Form” at Connotation Press this month. I’ve long been an admirer of both, so it was interesting to learn about their routes into online collaboration and filmmaking. “Poetry is an inspirational starting point that lends itself to creative interpretation and collaboration by bringing together writers, filmmakers, remixers, sound artists and actors to create poetry film,” says Pryor. And Craven notes that poetry film is “like collage, or quilting. You enjoy the surprise, and never know what you’ll find. I don’t plan things out too much, but let the process dictate the final product.” Go read.

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    Jutta Pryor 3 May, 2015

    Thank you very much Erica Goss, Connotation Press, Dave Bonta and Moving Poems for featuring the interviews with Marie Craven and myself.
    It’s wonderful to be involved in such a dedicated and dynamic creative genre.

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