A confession at line 16 by Mikey Delgado

I had already decided to feature author-made videopoems this week when this one from Mikey Delgado appeared in my Vimeo feed. Delgado is a North London poet and blogger; this is his first new post on Vimeo in three years. Here’s the description:

a film by Foy Migado (Mikey Delgado) featuring a text and reading from Mikey and the music of the inestimable my hot air balloon (soundcloud.com/welcometotheamericas) in a roundtable at The Ephraim Cockle Centre for Poesy, discussing via an entertainment the manifest and the latent; the impulse for, and the evolution of, a text and its will to exist; response to horror, retreat from horror, pseudo conversion into art, exculpatory codas, metaphors for the poet’s will to register an experience; texts as arrows with no targets; poets standing naked in the woods.

Click through to read the poem.

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