ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival program is online

ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival 2016 poster

The ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival posted their program to the web yesterday, and judging from Google Translate, there’s a great deal of continuity with past festivals despite the change in hosting organizations (from Literaturwerkstatt Berlin to Filmwerkstatt Münster), as well as some interesting new features. The international competition drew more than 1100 submissions from 86 countries, from which the nominating committee selected 80 films for the competition. There are also new competitions for German-language films and films from the North Rhine-Westphalia region. Six films were chosen for screening from the 20 submitted in response to the festivalgedicht (festival poem), “Orakel van een gevonden schoen” by Mustafa Stitou.

Every ZEBRA festival includes a focus country or region; this year it’s Flanders and the Netherlands.

With selected poetry films from this year’s submissions, award-winning classics and the results of the Master Class ‘Poetry across the borders,’ ZEBRA presents the variety of that language area between dunes and polders. The emphasis will be supplemented with poetic readings and exciting film talks. [via Google]

As for the master class,

The joint workshop of the Filmwerkstatt Münster and Filmwerkstatt DZIGA in Nijmegen (NL) allowed two participants from both countries the production of a poetry film. The group met regularly for working meetings under the direction of filmmakers Rainer Komers and Bea de Visser. The focus of all films are the poems of the Dutch poet Frouke Arns, who had presented her texts in person at the first meeting in Nijmegen. Duringn July and August, the filmmakers and directors Victorine van Alphen, Ruut van der Beele, Christian Fries and Sina Seiler gave visual expression to each one of the featured poems. [via Google]

And there’s much more going on during the four-day festival — click through to read the whole program.

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