Call for poetry submissions and filmmaker applications: Visible Poetry Project

The Visible Poetry Project, which released thirty poetry films—one a day—during April last year, and held several screenings in New York and Beijing, is aiming to do this same in 2018.

The Visible Poetry Project was founded in 2017 with the goal of bringing together a collective of filmmakers to create a series of videos that present poems as short films. Drawing from works created by renowned poets, including Neil Gaiman and Tato Laviera, as well as emerging poets, the Visible Poetry Project strives to make poetry accessible, exploring how we can recreate and experience poems through the medium of film.

Throughout the month of April – National Poetry Month – we release one visual poem each day. An exercise in translation and a reclamation of both poetic and film discourses, the resulting thirty videos explore how we read, interpret, visualize, and hear poetry.

Submissions are now open for the Visible Poetry Project 2018 series. If you would like to be involved with the Visible Poetry Project, or have any questions about our organization, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Here are the guidelines for filmmakers.

The Visible Poetry Project strives to emphasize the diversity of the global film community, and so encourage you to apply regardless of background or circumstance. Whether filmmaking is your hobby, profession, private outlet, or public expression, your work is welcome.

Within your application, please provide a reel and/or links to previous films you’ve created. All work samples must be original, and you must be one of the main contributors. You may submit up to three links. We recommend submitting samples that you believe to be representative of the greater styles and themes in your work. If you are accepted, this will help inform which poet you may get paired with.

You may apply as part of a team (up to two filmmakers). If you are applying as part of a team, please submit only one application. Please include links to reels for both collaborators, and send an email to, CC’ing your co-director.

If you are a producer, director of photography, or editor, and are interested in being involved in the 2018 series, please email

Click through to submit an application. For poets, there’s a similar openness to all backgrounds and levels of professionalism. There’s a reading fee of just $2.75, though “an additional donation beyond this amount is suggested, and will go towards Visible Poetry Project’s operating expenses for the 2018 series.” Here’s the link to submit poetry.

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