6th International Video Poetry Festival in Athens, 19-20 January: full program released

Plans have been finalized and a press release issued for the 6th International Video Poetry Festival in Athens. It will be held at the Embros self-organized theater next Friday and Saturday, and includes the work of 134 video artists, filmmakers and poets from 25 countries, five performances with 21 live poets, three DJs with four live concerts, two video installations AND a book fair! (Have you ever heard of a poetry film festival with a book fair before? Me neither, but what a great idea!)

Here’s the full, profusely illustrated press release, and I’ll paste in the most informative of their posters below. I realize this is kind of short notice for people to make travel plans, but obviously it’s hard to make long-range plans for major events happening in unofficial spaces vulnerable to state repression. I have yet to attend one of these myself, but I got a first-hand report from friends who attended last years’, and they said the screening was extremely well-attended and the audience diverse and seemingly rapt (though perhaps a little too fond of cigarette smoking). The point is there’s more than one way to organize a videopoetry or poetry film festival, and I think it’s important to pay attention to how they’re doing it in Athens. This sounds like a really dynamic, exciting event.

Athens International Vieo Poetry Festival 2018 poster

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