Film and Video Poetry Symposium, Weimar Poetry Film Prize announce winners

Back at the end of April, the Film and Video Poetry Society website had a post announcing the winning films coming out of their inaugural symposium, presented in image form, with no accompanying text. They were:

Best Choreopoem

Moving Southwark (director & poet Jevan Chowdhury, U.K., 2016)

Outstanding Poem

Oceanik (director Lucia Sellars, poet Nia Davies, U.K., 2017)

Best Film Essay

Where Is Eva Hipsey? (director Orla McHardy, writer Justin Spooner, U.S., 2016)

Best Experimental film

Phantom Cinema (writer & director Cheng Li-Ming, Taiwan, 2016)

Best Videopoem

Dog Daze (director & poet Ian Gibbins, Australia, 2017)

(Details grabbed from their previously published shortlist.)


Earlier this week, the 2018 Weimar Poetry Film Prizes were announced on the Poetryfilmkanal website, in German. Here’s how Google translates the first part of the post:

The winners of the third Weimar Poetry Film Awards are the films THE DESKTOP METAPHOR (jury prize) and PATATA DAY (Audience Award). The jury also awarded a special mention to the film BLUE FLASH FLASH.


The jury of the third Weimar Poetry Film Award, consisting of the Thuringian poet Daniela Danz, the artist and curator Cathy De Haan from Leipzig and the Norwegian animator Kristian Pedersen, chose the English entry THE DESKTOP METAPHOR (2017) as the winner of the €1000 jury prize. Directed by the Dutch director Helmie Stil; the underlying poem was written by the British author Caleb Parkin.

Google makes a hash of the jury statement, but here’s the film:

And here’s the winner of the jury’s Special Mention, Blue Flash Flash by Jane Glennie:

The Poetryfilmkanal post also includes a trailer for the winner of the audience award, but that’s their own upload, so you’ll have to click through to watch it.

Don’t miss the illustrated and annotated (in German and English) shortlist. These were a bunch of really strong films.

A belated but nonetheless heart-felt congratulations to all the winners!

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