Juteback Poetry Film Festival 2018 is open for submissions

The Fort Collins, Colorado-based poetry film festival formerly known as Body Electric Poetry Film Fest is planning a 2018 festival.

Poetry and filmmaking converge for this unique, one night only event. Featuring films from around the globe, the Juteback Poetry Film Festival highlights the creative migration of two art forms, video & poetry, also known as Videopoetry. JPFF is Colorado’s only poetry film festival and one of only two screening in the U.S. today. Join us on Friday October 19th at Wolverine Farm Publishing’s Letterpress and Publick House, 316 Willow St, @ 7:30 in Fort Collins CO. for Juteback Poetry Film Festival 2018

And they’re open for submissions:


  • All films must be submitted online. Please use the form below to complete your submission. To submit please load your film to Youtube, Vimeo or media sharing site of your choice, then provide the link in your submission. If you choose to use a privacy setting on either Youtube or Vimeo please be sure to provide us with a proper access code to view your film.
  • All films must be completed before the deadline of Aug. 19th, 2018. As long as your film has been completed before the Aug. 19th deadline please feel free to submit.
  • All non-English films must have English sub-titles.
  • All films selected for the festival grant Juteback Productions, LLC the rights to use all video images and press materials from the film for promotional purposes.
  • Juteback Productions, LLC is permitted to retain copies of each film selected as part of our festival library and for media educational use.
  • You may submit more than one film, please repeat process for each entry.
  • Films must be no more than 15 minutes in duration.

Click through for the submission form on their website.

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