New Poetry Video Magazine: Blank Verse Films

I’m a little late with this news, but back on April 1, the poetry video producers Blank Verse Films expanded from their YouTube channel into what they’re calling a video magazine about poetry. I’m a firm believer that everyone who can afford to should establish their own, independent website and not be completely at the mercy of corporate hosting platforms, so this is really welcome news. Quoting their About page:

Blank Verse Films is a video magazine that produces poetry-related films. Our mission is to broaden the reach of poetry & literature by putting it on screens. We are operated by a few like-minded readers in Southern and Northern California.

Poems are selected largely through our own lonely impulse of delight. Commissions and partnerships are not our focus, but if you would like to reach out, we are receptive and you can email us with any inquiries. We operate as a non-profit through our fiscal sponsor Film Independent. You can support us through their donation page.

Our ambition is to establish ‘poetry videos’ as a recognized genre of film like music videos. If you want to post your own poetry video here, we encourage you to send it to us. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates on our films.

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