Call for young filmmakers and poets: Poetry Screen

Here’s a cool-sounding new initiative from the UK’s Poetry Archive:

Poetry Screen is a project aiming to inspire and showcase the innovative work of young artists that combines poetry and film.

We are creating a space for conversations between visual and poetic languages; established and fresh voices; poets and film-makers – across time, backgrounds and borders.

It’s an invitation to play with the Poetry Archive’s rich collection of recorded poetry. You can do this by repurposing a selection of our classic poetry recordings or by writing your own work in response to any of the poems in its collection (including a wide selection of contemporary poems).

We’ll select up to five video poems to publish and will pay a royalty fee of £200/work. The showcased artists will be invited to pitch for one new commission, with a budget of £2000.

A project for film makers and poets

Poets/artists/film makers/musicians/students from all over the world – all are welcome. You can take part if you are 25 and under. If you are working as a team, at least one of you must be 25 or under.

Make a short video poem of up to 5 minutes length maximum (excluding credits). We’re looking for an imaginative approach which goes beyond the obvious. Your visuals can be abstract or narrative, include animation or graphics. You can mix music and sampled sound into the poetry.

Be inventive with your resources – we’re not expecting a big budget production. Video poems need to be publishable but not completely polished at this stage.

June 1 is the deadline to submit. Visit the webpage to register.

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